"To share, develop and promote GIS data and technology collaboratively throughout Ramsey County for the benefit of its citizens, local communities, government agencies and business partners."
2017 Officers

Niki Hill
Vice Chair:
Jared Haas
Dan Holzemer
Joel Koepp

Global GIS News

New Slashgeo.org coming tomorrow - please register to the new newsletter

My plan is to launch the new Slashgeo website tomorrow morning. This means that this is reall

[Action Required] - Slashgeo's New Clothes - You'll need to Subscribe once again

ACTION REQUIRED FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: this is the last email you'll get fro

Winners of the ArcGIS Book Contest

Packt Publishing and Slashgeo are happy to announce the 10 winners of the Bloggage update: After posting stripped French electorat

ESA open source summer of code

We're having very few applicants this year for ESA's open source summer of code.

Handy Maps

Bloggage update:  With the E

Raster support in MapCentia GeoCloud2 (GC2) and new server images

Raster support
Since PostGIS version 2, raster has been supported in the database. The

What are Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Jobs in 2013 and 2014?

Earth Observation Directory (EO

Batch Geonews: OpenAddresses.io, csw4js, GeoPackage Support in ArcGIS, Historic Street View, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

On the open source / open data front:

Esri Launches 'ArcGIS Open Data' in Beta

Last Thursday Esri announced the

FOSS4G community voting open through May 5th

Bloggage update: A lot of (virtual) ink has flowed around

Batch Geonews: PyQGIS Book, More GeoGit, Android Wear, Sub-meter Bathymetry, Google Maps Supports GeoJSON, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

From the open source / open data front:

Testing web map APIs - Google vs OpenLayers vs Leaflet

Geospatial technologies evolve quickly, here's a fresh comparison of web mapping API and

EPSG.io - Find Coordinate Systems Worldwide

Lots of us need to find datum / CRS info from time to time, and there's a new website to

GeoServer 2.5 Released

GeoServer is one of the most popular web mapping / web services server, and it

Releasing data really works, Part VI

Bloggage update: Three months into posting data on m


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